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Die Digitale Stadtbibliothek - EN

City Library

The town of Košice (Kaschau in German, Kassa in Hungarian, Cassovia in Latin), in East Slovakia has been the 'European Capital of Culture' since January 2013. On this outstanding occasion 'Digitales Forum Mittel- und Osteuropa e.V. - DiFMOE ( The Digital Forum of Central and Eastern Europe ) decided to present the past of this multi-ethnic and multilingual town of cultural and historical riches to the public. More than 160.000 digitised pages of cultural treasure printed in and about Košice are now available free for visitors.

Several cultural and scientific intstitutions from Slovakia, Germany, Hungary and Austria participated in creating 'Cassovia Digitalis'.

Funded by the Federal Government Comissioner for Culture and the Media upon a decision of the German Bundestag